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Kitchen Furniture

Kitchen Furniture Offer

We offer realization of the most modern kitchen furniture, designed and manufactured according to the latest fashion trends and the highest technological standards.

The kitchen is always the centre of each home, therefore it is significant to arrange it in a practical and aesthetic way.

Our furniture is the best solution for every kitchen, whether it is small or large kitchen.

Our kitchens are always made from high-quality materials.

Owing to the fact, that we are a production company and not a trading business, we are open to your propositions which means that we can produce kitchen furniture for every individual request.

We invite you to have a look at pictures of kitchen furniture made by our company which are placed in the REALIZATIONS tab.

Attention to Detail

According to the opinion, that details and frills provide style, for our kitchens we precisely select all the finishing elements.


We offer the latest samples and prospectuses of boards, worktops, fronts, fittings, furniture edges of the leading companies on the market.

Furniture fronts may be:

  • lacquered (high gloss / matt);
  • foiled;
  • wooden;
  • laminated;
  • acrylic (water-resistant, high-gloss).

The customer can also choose worktops from:

  • natural wood;
  • marble;
  • conglomeration;
  • or laminated.

We also deal with the selection of particular household appliances for the kitchen and in accordance with the customer requirements.

We advise, design, valuate, supply and mount according to the latest technologies, fashion trends and customer requirements.