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Furniture for Offices, Institutions, Schools

Furniture for Offices, Institutions, Schools Offer

We offer high quality services of equipping offices, schools and other public institutions with modern, durable and functional furniture.

The company Meble Muszyński produces functional and durable office and school furniture which are designed individually for each institution.

Our Team of competent and reliable designers, basing on the received building plans and consultations with the customer, prepare a draft of the most optimal interior design. There is no need for our customers to worry about furniture assembly, as our technical crew will deliver and mount the ordered furniture for the office, school, etc.

We invite you to have a look at pictures of equipment of offices, schools and other public institutions made by our company which are placed in the REALIZATIONS tab.

Attention to Detail

The processes of orders applying in public institutions are also very important to us.

Apart from high-quality design and production processes, we pay particular attention to the order systems. We start in public tenders for institutions and organizations, which carry out the orders pursuant to the Public Procurement Law.

Our production capacity in a month is, for example, 700 closets or 500 desks or 6 kitchens (depending on the project).

All our products come with a 3 year warranty and lifetime warranty on fittings.

We advise, design, valuate, supply and mount according to the latest technologies, fashion trends and customer requirements.