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We provide comprehensive services. Beginning with the preparation of furniture design together with the customer, gathering the essential dimensions of the room, preparing simulations along with presentation, up to the realization, delivery and assembly of the furniture.

We possess a program for photorealistic visualization called KD MAX. The KD MAX program is a modern tool for designing furniture, we make use of it to design the living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, office and any other room in your apartment/house.

Thanks to our designers, as well as to the tools they use, we are able to realize professionally and efficiently every design of every furniture, along with its photorealistic visualization.

Our designers are available to the customers, you can make a free of charge appointment for a free design and measurement.

How does the process of designing and realizing kitchen furniture proceed?

  • make an appointment with our designer;
  • during the meeting the designer will:
    • note down the dimensions of the room,
    • leave samples available for inspection,
    • initially determine the set of the furniture and its content,
    • prepare a draft,
    • advice and discuss the preliminary project of your kitchen,
    • point out places of electrical wiring and plumbing systems, the height of wall plates and windowsills;
  • after a few days you will receive a visualization of your furniture for acceptance or making amendments;
  • after approving the project we prepare a valuation;
  • next we jointly sign the  agreement and it is followed by a deposit payment;
  • term of realization from 2 to 8 weeks (the exact term is always stated in the written agreement)
  • our company fulfils the transport and montage in 1-3 days.

How does the process of mounting kitchen furniture looks like?

  • preparation the room - removing the old cabinets;
  • mounting and laser levelling the upper and lower cabinets;
  • mounting worktops (without boards for connecting worktops in 90*);
  • mounting a sink and cooktop in the worktop;
  • installation of household appliances: oven, microwave, hood, dishwasher, built-in refrigerator;
  • mounting plinths, lighting strips, end sides, baskets, fillers;